Learn HOW to use Telephoto Lenses for Landscapes

"The Art of Seeing what you Can't See"

Where: Esquimalt Lagoon, Colwood, BC

(directions and course info will be emailed the week prior)

Google Map Location

Dates: Spring / Summer 2021

Who: For Beginner to Advanced Photographers wanting to refine their technical skills and creativity for long lens landscape photography

(Filters not required. Breakthrough has supplied us with filters for YOU to use)

Limited to 10 participants

Instructors: Dave Hutchison

2020 PPOC Best in Class Fine Art Winner

Matt Shannon

Owner TrekWest Adventure Photography

Cost: $199 Cdn + 5% GST

About Dave ...


Dave is a very approachable guy, which I personally appreciate quite a lot!  He is knowledgeable about a great many aspects to do with photography.  During his recent virtual workshop on editing vs. fixing images he was patient and detailed with explanations.  I will sign up for more sessions when available.

Dianna-Lynn, Victoria, BC

Dave is a wealth or knowledge in photography and editing.  He explains things clearly and demonstrates well.    Highly recommend!!!

Corinne, Victoria, BC

Dave is a highly qualified and experienced photographer. His knowledge of the Vancouver Island area allowed him to plan an experience that was second to none. Throughout he was always teaching and helping. The result was a experience from which I learned much about photography and the Vancouver Island coastal area.

Stu D, Kelowna, BC

Dave provided an excellent workshop. He is passionate about his profession and photography and as a result, found him to be very engaging and interesting. Dave was clearly interested and willing to determine where your ability levels were at and encouraged you to take the next steps out of your comfort zones to learn and try new techniques. I also found Dave was very generous with his time one on one in the field. I look forward to future workshops with Dave.

Don C, Kelowna, BC

Workshop Details

Note, Face masks and hand cleaning supplies are included with the workshop fee if you desire.  Due to COVID requirements, if you have been sick in the last 14 days or have been with anyone that has been sick or in quarantine for the last 14 days, please do not attend the workshop.

Event is rain or shine.

Welcome to our 2 hour (condensed) Telephoto Lenses for Landscapes Photography workshop, "The Art of Seeing what you Can't See" at Esquimalt Lagoon in Colwood. 

Our goal with this workshop is to open your creative spirit to create amazing telephoto images right here at home on the Island and at an affordable price.  Personally, this is one of my most favourite form of landscape photography and so excited to share with you my vision.

Learn HOW to create images for:

- mountain (with clouds)

- forests (i.e. fall colours, trees in fields, etc.)

- seascapes (i.e. storms)

- buildings & structures (i.e. lighthouses, ships, etc.)

- people (in nature, bringing in the background)

Technical & creative topics covered to get to make the images:

- composition (compression & isolating)

- depth of field (aperture & focus stacking)

- shutter speed (distance & angle to subject)

- proper hand hold technique

- proper tripod technique

- gear considerations

- BONUS 30 minute Zoom session for each individual participant for post processing techniques on 1 image you took during the workshop.  This can be scheduled within 30 days following the workshop.

Note: I have an assortment of Breakthrough Photography Filters available for demo/testing while at the workshop.  I also have an assortment of step up rings that are available to fit most lenses.  If there is a Breakthrough filter you wish to have, please order using the affiliate link on my web site and receive a 5% rebate after your order is process (through Breakthrough).  We still recommend ordering after the workshop so you can see for yourself what works for your photography.

Hiking details:

An average physical fitness is required for walking 1-2 km for the afternoon.  There are a few rocks and dirt hiking trails around Esquimalt Lagoon and the surrounding area but are fine with decent hiking boots or hiking shoes.  If you have mobility concerns please contact myself directly for clarification.

What IS included:

- photography instruction

- bottled water (if you forget yours) 

- demo Breakthrough Photography filters and step up rings

What is NOT included:

- transportation to and from Esquimalt Lagoon (about 10 minutes from Victoria)

- medical insurance (mandatory if you reside outside of BC, Canada)

- your personal items and camera gear

What TO bring:

- camera body (full frame preferred but crop sensors can work too)

- 1-2 memory cards

- mid range zoom such as 70-200 mm

- long telephoto zoom or prime such as 200-500 mm or 300, 400, 500 mm prime

- lens filters (polarizers - bring whatever you have)

- camera manual is essential as there as settings that are beneficial for telephoto lens and landscapes.  Know where the exposure delay setting is located (not timer).

- camera bag (at least water resistant)

- camera rain cover

- lens clothes (can be misty on the coast)

- water bottle

- rain pants

- rain jacket

- light sweater

- hiking boots (waterproof if you like to stand in the ocean when photographing)

- rain cap or hat that is waterproof

- tripod (very important with telephoto lenses but not impossible hand held)

- pen and small note pad for camera bag

Payment & Cancellation Policy:

- $99 + 5% GST due at time of booking

- workshop is held rain or shine 

- liability waiver must be signed prior to workshop

- no refunds, unless we decide to cancel the workshop for unforeseen reasons then a 100% refund is given (i.e. I am sick or injured, a hurricane is in the area, etc.)

- payment accepted by PayPal, e-transfer to - Canada only, (e-transfer amount is $103.95 including GST)

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