Half-day "Expressive" Workshop at Sheringham Point Lighthouse

Exclusive lighthouse access for our group only !!!

Where: Sheringham Point Lighthouse, Shirley, BC

(approx. 17km past Sooke, BC - details will be provided prior to the workshop)

Google Map Location

When: Spring / Summer 2021

Who: For Intermediate and Advanced Photographers wanting to refine their technical skills and creativity for long exposures, nightscapes, seascapes, macro and much more.

Awaken Your Inner Creativity

Limited to 8 participants ONLY

(due to physical distancing restrictions)

Instructor: Dave Hutchison

2020 PPOC Best in Class Fine Art Winner

Instructor: Matt Shannon

Owner TrekWest Adventure Photography

Cost: $249 + 5% GST

(part proceeds donated to the Lighthouse Society)

Bonus: Free 45 minute Zoom session to guide you through our post production editing workflow on your favourite image from the workshop.

About Dave ...


Dave is a very approachable guy, which I personally appreciate quite a lot!  He is knowledgeable about a great many aspects to do with photography.  During his recent virtual workshop on editing vs. fixing images he was patient and detailed with explanations.  I will sign up for more sessions when available.

Dianna-Lynn, Victoria, BC

Dave is a wealth or knowledge in photography and editing.  He explains things clearly and demonstrates well.    Highly recommend!!!

Corinne, Victoria, BC

Dave is a highly qualified and experienced photographer. His knowledge of the Vancouver Island area allowed him to plan an experience that was second to none. Throughout he was always teaching and helping. The result was a experience from which I learned much about photography and the Vancouver Island coastal area.

Stu D, Kelowna, BC

Dave provided an excellent workshop. He is passionate about his profession and photography and as a result, found him to be very engaging and interesting. Dave was clearly interested and willing to determine where your ability levels were at and encouraged you to take the next steps out of your comfort zones to learn and try new techniques. I also found Dave was very generous with his time one on one in the field. I look forward to future workshops with Dave.

Don C, Kelowna, BC

Awaken Your Inner Creativity

Note, Face masks and hand cleaning supplies are included with the workshop fee if you desire.  Due to COVID requirements, if you have been sick in the last 14 days or have been with anyone that has been sick or in quarantine for the last 14 days, please do not attend the workshop.

Event is rain or shine.

Welcome to our Half-day "Expressive" Photography workshop, at the beautiful Sheringham Point Lighthouse on Southern Vancouver Island (near Shirley on the way to Port Renfrew). 

Also, this location has been specifically reserved for our group so we will have the grounds to ourselves.  We can turn the lights on ... or off.  We can even go inside the lighthouse to the top.

Our goal with this workshop is to open your creative spirit to create amazing images right here at home on the Island.  Areas that will be covered are long exposures, nightscapes, landscapes, marco, long lens landscapes, and anything else that catches our attention.  Both Matt and myself have a wealth of knowledge to share with YOU.

Topics covered:

- learn the "Art of Seeing what you Can't See"

- how to compose long exposure images based on conditions

- technical process (workflow) to create long exposure images (you do not need special filters for this workshop.  I have a supply of them from Breakthrough Photography for participants to try)

- how to properly use filters to slow the shutter speed to anywhere from 1 minutes to 15 minutes to create just the "right" effect

- night sky image making

- macro photography: when and when not to focus stack

- long lens landscapes: when to use and what the image will look like

- composite image making (blending 2 or more images together to create the look and feel you felt at the time you made the image)

- BONUS INTRO / DEMO into drone photography

- BONUS 45 minute Zoom session for each individual participant for post processing techniques on an image you took during the workshop.  This can be scheduled within 30 days following the workshop.

Note: I have an assortment of Breakthrough Photography Filters available for demo/testing while at the workshop.  I have most step up ring combos available to utilize my 72mm and 82mm filters.  

If there is a Breakthrough filter you wish to have, please order using the affiliate link on my web site and receive a 5% rebate after your order is process (through Breakthrough).

Hiking details:

A general physical fitness is required but there is not a lot of walking an no hiking.  Some cars can drive down to the lower gate and park.  If you have mobility concerns please contact one of us  directly for clarification.

What IS included:

- photography instruction

- snack bars (gluten free included)

- bottled water

- demo Breakthrough Photography filters

What is NOT included:

- packed lunch/dinner (something that ideally fits in your backpack)

- transportation to and from Sheringham Point Lighthouse (about 1 hr drive from Victoria)

- medical insurance (mandatory if you reside outside of BC, Canada)

- trip cancellation / trip interruption insurance (highly recommended)

- your personal items and camera gear

What to BRING:

- camera body (full frame preferred but not essential)

- 1-2 memory cards (depending on the size you have)

- wide angle lens such as 14-30mm (or close to it)

- mid range zoom such as 24-70mm or 24-105/120mm

- lens filters (neutral density, split grads, polarizers - bring them all)

- the phone app called Long Exposure Calculator by Junel S. Corales.  This app make calculating long exposure much easier. 

- camera bag (at least water resistant)

- camera rain cover

- lens clothes (can be misty on the coast)

- headlamp or flashlight for walk back to parking lot

- water bottle 

- rain pants

- rain jacket

- warm jacket / heavy sweater (it can cool off quickly on the exposed Sheringham Point)

- hiking boots 

- rain cap or hat that is waterproof

- tripod (ESSENTIAL for long exposures)

- cable release or remote for long exposure photography (ESSENTIAL to control your camera shutter speed manually in bulb setting).  Or if your camera has a "time" function, remote is optional

- pen and small note pad for camera bag

Payment & Cancellation Policy:

- price TBA + 5% GST due at time of booking

- workshop is held rain or shine 

- no refunds for inclement weather

- liability waiver must be signed prior to workshop

- read this part carefully: no refunds unless we are able to fill you spot, then a refund is given less a $25 + GST admin fee. 

- full refund given if both Matt & I are not able to provide the workshop (i.e. we are sick or injured)

- payment accepted by PayPal, e-transfer to - Canada only, (e transfer amount is $261.45 including GST)

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