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Sept 23-28, 2020

Location: Crested Butte and Ridgway, Colorado

6 days, 5 nights (lodgings & transportation included)

- limited to 8 participants

* workshop in partnership with Shane McDermott / VisionQuest Photography

Price: $1995 US (not taxable)

based on double occupancy

For single occupancy, please call or email Dave directly.






Note, all Colorado registrations are in US dollars and prcoess through Shane's web site. Please visit Shane's Colorado Fall Color web page for detailed itinerary and registration details.

The San Juan Mountains and Sneffles Wilderness are legendary for fall color photography. We will be situated in Rigway, Co which is tremendous hub that allows us so many options for both sunrise, sunset, midday and starlight shooting.  Some of our locations will include County roads 5.7.9, Owl Creek Pass, Last Dollar Road, Chimney Rock and many less known locations in the Mount Sneffles Wilderness area.  Although we will be visiting many beautiful locations, creative and artistic growth will be the priority and focus of this workshop.  Photographers must be willing to make the most of the location and conditions present, willing to embrace less than ideal conditions as a opportunity for creative growth.

Over the years I have enjoyed sharing my photography passion with others.   Sharing my passion for both landscape and wildlife photography through a variety of workshops and photo tours is a privilege that I continue cherish year after year.

In the last year I have partnered with long time friend and fellow photographer Shane McDermott to offer something very unique in the photography field.  The foundation of our teaching is based on "What is in here" as well as "What is out there".  The "What is out there" part is often taught (sometimes very well) in photography.  This is the part that encompasses the best locations, best light, camera settings, gear selection, etc.  But what about the emotions, our thoughts, how we think of ourselves, etc. intertwine with our photography - and how we photograph and see.  In other words, how can we photograph what we can't see but with our imagination?  Our workshops become unique as we bring to light to the "What is in here" component. 

If you are still reading this, you have made the first step about gaining awareness about what is happening within ourselves while we are photographing and uncovering what we call "Revealing the Four Dimensions for Creativity".

In summary, photographing in a beautiful location AND working on how we see what we photograph are both essential in all of our workshops.

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Testimonials ...

Dave is a highly qualified and experienced photographer. His knowledge of the Vancouver Island area allowed him to plan an experience that was second to none. Throughout he was always teaching and helping. The result was a experience from which I learned much about photography and the Vancouver Island coastal area.

Stu, Kelowna, BC

Dave provided an excellent workshop. He is passionate about his profession and photography and as a result, found him to be very engaging and interesting. Dave was clearly interested and willing to determine where your ability levels were at and encouraged you to take the next steps out of your comfort zones to learn and try new techniques. I also found Dave was very generous with his time one on one in the field. I look forward to future workshops with Dave,

Don C, Kelowna, BC

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