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Print & Gift Ordering available

I now offer all of my images as prints on canvas, paper, or metal.  I also offer images on many gift items like coasters, mugs, ceramic tiles, etc. all automated from this web site.

This means that over time I have a project to upload high res files to my web site.  I have started and completed high res files in the Favourites gallery.  However, if you would like to order a large print from another gallery, please email to first to confirm I have replaced the file with a high res version.

For example, the Favourites gallery below now have all high res files.  This means you can order anything from this gallery without size limitation directly though the web site.

Any questions, please ask.

Product examples

  • i-FB7kw2B-X2
  • i-7MNXbs8-X2
  • i-pWwMQXX-X2
  • i-qV7VfDT-X2
  • i-wM6NpGL-X2
  • i-ggzrDVF-X2

Favourite Images

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