How I can help YOU become a better photographer

Private Lessons

One of the way most efficient ways to learn photography is with a private lesson.  Often clients return and book 3-4 lesson over the course of 1-2 months.  Private lessons are completely customized to meet your specific needs. What I do best is meet people where they are in their own photographic journey.  I help you become the best photographer possible by focusing specifically on your needs.

Popular topics include (but not limited to)

- technical execution (camera settings, etc.)

- creative compositions

- long exposure photography

- telephoto lens photography

- wildlife photography

- gear considerations

- drone photography

Cost is $125 + GST ($131.25 total) per session with each session lasting 50-75 minutes depending on what is being covered.  Private small group lessons are welcome too.  Please email if you have any questions or would like to book a time.

If you wish to pay by e-transfer, total for one session is $131.25 incl GST.  E-transfer address is and no password is required (auto deposits)

One on One Image Editing via Zoom

One on One Zoom sessions for image editing.  Done right from the comfort of your own home.  I share my computer screen with you and show you how I approach image editing.  I will show you selective image editing, and the use of plugins, to get the maximum information out of your files.

Note, you do not have to have a specific software program to have a successful Zoom session.  I teach technique that I have formulated over years and works with several programs (some more than others depending on program restrictions and capabilities).

I currently book Zoom sessions for 10am PST on weekdays through the link below.  If you need another time slot, email and I can set that up easy.  Cost is $125 + GST per session.  The payment link is the same PayPal link as above.

Zoom link is

Passcode will be email after date is booked and payment is received.

If you wish to pay by e-transfer ($131.25 incl GST), please email to book a time prior to payment.  E-transfer address is and no password is required (auto deposits)

Victoria & Vancouver Island Meet Up Group

This Meet Up group is designed to offer a social outlet for nature photographers in Victoria and Vancouver Island.  There is a small $10 annual fee, but ALL social Meet Ups are free of charge.  Look forward to seeing you soon.  Oh, and the socials are all outside and are running!

Mentorship Program

Thank you for considering a "Mentorship" program to guide you through your photographic journey.  A Mentorship program is designed to help YOU succeed in the world of nature photography.  Each Mentorship arrangement (I only take three students at a given time) is customized to meet you particular needs.  Each and every one of us comes from a different knowledge level, as well as, where we want to be in a certain time period (goal setting).

A general "Mentorship" program would look like the following (subject to customizing):

- 2 x 1 hour ZOOM calls per month (1 every other week).  Topics normally range from post processing, composition, gear considerations, and much more.

- 2 x 1 hour in field sessions (1 every other week).  Field sessions pertain to your specific areas of interest within landscape and/or wildlife photography.  The sessions can also include drone and time lapse photography.

- between the weekly sessions assignments are provided to better learn composition, exposure, depth of field and more.  Email correspondence is included in the monthly package option too.

Topics during the Mentorship program include the following (but not limited to):

- How to see in Nature "The Art of Seeing what You Can't See"

- Composition (allowing the composition to find you)

- Technical guidance on how to use your camera and gear

- Area of photography include: long exposures, seascapes, forestscapes, nightscapes, macro, focus stacking, and WILDLIFE  

- Gear purchases / recommendations (use my 15 years experience to your advantage and save a lot of money)

Cost: average of $500 cdn per month

Note, this Mentorship is designed for the long term and with your success in mind.  Most mentoring programs range from 3-12  months.  I require a one month commitment at a time, with each month paid in advance.  If for some reason I cannot provide the service due to illness or injury, full refund is available.  Otherwise, no refunds.

eBooks on the Art of Photography

Thank you for visiting my web site.  In this section you will find information directing you to my various "Learning" resources.  Below includes information on my upcoming eBook, "Location Planning & Scouting for Photographers". 

Check back soon for new eBooks and online learning updates!

Location Planning & Scouting for Photographers: An eBook Guide

(How to find the perfect shot)

Available today on and

(click on the above live links to place your order)

Release date: April 24, 2020

If you prefer to order an eBook directly from myself, please proceed to the PayPal checkout below to place your order.  Once paid, I will email your eBook PDF copy within 24-48 hours.


Introduction and Table of Contents for above eBook

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint Presentation

"Long Exposure Photography: The Art of Seeing what you can't See" eBook Guide

Coming Fall/Winter 2020


“Dave Hutchison is a very approachable guy, which I personally appreciate quite a lot!  He is knowledgeable about a great many aspects to do with photography.  During his recent virtual workshop on editing vs. fixing images he was patient and detailed with explanations.  I will sign up for more sessions when available.”

Dianna-Lynn, Victoria, BC

"Dave is a wealth or knowledge in photography and editing.  He explains things clearly and demonstrates well.    Highly recommend!!!"

Corinne, Victoria, BC

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