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Breakthrough Photography Filters review - June 7, 2019

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This past weekend I did extensive testing on Gabriola Island for various BT filters combinations and was very impressed.  For those that know me well, I am a bit of a sharpness nut so you will find this simple review straight to the point.  The filters work! 

Note, BT does make magnetic filters but they are being redesigned to be stackable in the future.  They are not available and there is not current ETA. 

All the testing below was with their high end X4 threaded filter line up. My testing is purely based on what I see as a photographic artist and the quality of the image file that is remaining, the lack or color cast, sharpness, etc.  I do not intend on doing a mathematical chart type test for the filters as that does not help my end result of producing high quality imagery.

I have two Nikon Z Mirrorless lenses that I tested on a Nikon Z7.  For purposes of this review Nikon Z lens is the same as a Nikon S series lens (I often bounce back and forth but it its the same product)

First off, there are several things I like about the Breakthrough design that are more physical characteristic rather than performance related.  I love the knurled edge around the filter.  I normally don't use gloves unless close to below zero and have found other manufacturers' filters to be difficult to adjust and unscrew with cold hands.  The BT brand will be much better in this regard.  I also find their thread to be a slightly lower tolerance in a good way.  It is much easier to stack filters with cold hands when the threads are more forgiving and not a tight tolerance for the thread purposes.  Lets face it we are not performing tasks that require super tight tolerances.  The filters have to fit snug and have extremely well made glass - which they do just that!

1) Nikon Z 14-30mm f/4 worked extremely well at wide angles.  I used the 82mm X4 CPL several times at 14mm with no vignetting or noticeable color cast (impressive).  This was also new information for Breakthrough as they had not tested their filters formally on this lens as it is probably too new.

2) Same lens as above with X4 10 stop ND stacked on the X4 CPL with no color cast and no noticeable loss in sharpness.  However, vignetting was apparent at 14 and 15mm but gone at 16mm which is fine for me 99% of the time.  Worst case scenario drop the CPL and you have 14mm with 10 stop ND - WOW (or a 15 stop, etc.)!

3) Nikon Z 24-70 f/4 worked extremely well too.  To test the limits I stacked a 10 stop and 6 stop X4 ND at 24mm and did not see any noticeable color cast, sharpness loss, or vignetting. 

*** Future testing will comprise of 15 stop ND stacked on the CPL at 16mm and a 10 stop and 6 stop dark CPL stacked at 24mm.

To order (or just look) your Breakthrough Photography filters and get free shipping to Canada, please use my unique order link:

Long exposure images using Breakthrough filters

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